June 19, 2023

Artistic Malibu

A Vibrant Cultural Oasis of Art and Entertainment

Cradled along 21 miles of sun-drenched beaches, rugged cliffs, and lush greenery, Malibu offers a captivating sanctuary of arts and entertainment. This idyllic locale epitomizes a vibrant cultural tapestry catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences, and embodies the richness and depth of human creativity. Its cultural landscape is marked by an impressive array of distinctive venues, each providing unique experiences and refreshing insights into the multi-faceted world of arts. 

The esteemed Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts at Pepperdine University holds a prominent place in this cultural milieu, hosting an extensive array of stimulating events that range from thought-provoking lectures, vibrant musical performances and innovative art exhibits. 

On more unconventional edges of the performing arts, Dreamland presents a platform for a diverse blend of music, comedy, and open mic events, delivering a fascinating kaleidoscope of human experiences, heartfelt humor, and unfiltered talent. 

For those inclined toward the visual arts, the Tracy Park Gallery serves as a veritable treasure trove. It proudly showcases curated collections from both well-established and emerging artists, offering a profound and insightful glimpse into the pulsating heart of contemporary creativity. 

Meanwhile, the Surfrider Gallery, perched at iconic Malibu Pier, echoes the spirit of the Pacific Ocean, with a vibrant convergence of art, culture, and the deep-rooted surf history of Malibu in an enthralling display. 

This enriching intersection of arts, culture, and heritage at each venue contribute to Malibu’s dynamic and ever-evolving cultural scene, ensuring a continuously flourishing and revitalizing artistic and entertainment atmosphere that resonates throughout the entire city.

Aviator Nation’s Dreamland

Aviator Nation. Photo by Anthony McDemas

Across the street from Malibu Pier, Aviator Nation’s Dreamland is an iconic music venue that rocked the ’70s and has returned with a vintage flair to bring Malibu live music, comedy, and a full food and beverage offering. Dreamland hosts sold-out shows with high-profile comedians and musicians.

Enjoy breakfast and lunch in the ambiance of the colored windows that provide a view of Malibu Pier and the picturesque Pacific Ocean through a kaleidoscope of vintage ambiance. Choose from gourmet breakfast burritos, banana bread, artisan pizza, sliders, and chicken wings. aviatornationdreamland.com

Tracy Park Gallery

Tracy Park welcomes you to her gallery in Malibu. Photo by Samantha Bravo

Tracy Park, another gem in Malibu’s art scene, presents eclectic and fascinating art collections. Since welcoming her first guests in 2004, Tracy has passionately promoted both up-and-coming and mid-career artists. Her collection boasts an eclectic mix of pieces from artists worldwide while also proudly displaying a significant amount of work from local talents. Visitors can expect to find a broad variety of oil and acrylic paintings, intricate bronze, metal, and stone sculptures, engaging collage assemblages, and captivating photography pieces.

Tracy was a trailblazer, hosting “Pop Up” style events even before the term was coined. True to her roots, Tracy continues to be sought-after for setting up “Pop Up” exhibits in commercial and retail centers. Tracy Park Gallery is currently open in the Malibu Colony Plaza. tracyparkgallery.com

Pepperdine University Center for the Arts 

Photo courtesy Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University, nestled in the scenic beauty of Malibu, is an institution where honor and the arts intertwine to form a unique learning experience. From the international art collection at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum to the thriving creative hub at the Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts, the campus is a vibrant center of artistic activity. arts.pepperdine.edu

The Getty Villa

Photo courtesy Getty Villa

A remarkable recreation of the Villa dei Papiri — discovered in Herculaneum, Italy — the Getty Villa transports you back to the elegance of ancient Rome. The Getty Villa encapsulates the spirit of the Villa Dei Papiri, as it mirrors the Villa’s floor plan, appearance, scale, and even some materials.

In 1996, the Villa embarked on a journey of renovation. While maintaining its original design, the team, led by architects Machado and Silvetti, implemented thoughtful changes. The grand entrance was relocated, the upper galleries were flooded with natural light through new windows and skylights, and the site grew with the addition of a parking structure, an entry pavilion, and a captivating outdoor theater. getty.edu

Surfrider Gallery at the Malibu Pier

Photo courtesy One Gun Ranch

At the end of the historic Malibu Pier, you will find the Surfrider Gallery hosting a rotating bevy of artists and collections. Surfrider Gallery featured artists represent the nature, beauty, and health of the Malibu lifestyle — a reflection of nature’s beauty and wellness. It embodies a crucial part of the overall Malibu Pier experience, making it an absolute must-visit when exploring the area. onegunranch.com Malibu City Gallery 

The Malibu City Gallery, a vital hub for contemporary and classic art, is an embodiment of Malibu’s thriving artistic culture. Curated by the city’s Arts Commission, it features four to six immersive exhibitions annually, drawing in art enthusiasts with its dynamic displays that embrace various artistic genres and styles. Located at Malibu City Hall, this gallery is a public initiative with free admission promoting cultural appreciation within the community. 

Open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., the gallery’s presentations often echo the city’s distinctive coastal setting and laid-back vibe, blending both local and international artistic perspectives. The Malibu City Gallery offers a continually evolving insight into the world of art, making it a must-visit destination for both residents and visitors alike. malibucity.org

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